Welcome to Elementz: The Beginning

A brave yet crazy Jellyfish must go on a wild adventure to battle dangerous monsters and demons to reach the center of the Earth using the Drill Master's Drill. He is assisted by an elderly man and lady who guide him on his quest as he collects every element to assemble the rod to power the Drill Master's Drill. He has lost all his brethren, but what will he lose next?

About the game

Elementz is currently in a "pre-alpha" stage and is in development. As of now there are currently two people working on Elementz, "Kehran" who is the game's coder, and "Jamie" who is the game's pixel artist. Elementz will have many new and existing updates in the future along with various new features to offer the players. Updates will include dungeons, various monsters and enemies, new and better weapons, a housing system, a shop system and much more to come. Find more on the page listed as Update


You are the jellyfish known as Ikayloshi (I-Kayl-O-She). Ikayloshi has lived his life in the ocean for the past twenty years now. One day while you are performing your usual jellyfish task, disaster strikes! A massive earthquake shakes and rattles the ocean floor causing an apparent bottomless trench to open, separating the ocean floor. This apparent bottomless trench causes a raging whirlpool to form devouring all your jellyfish brethren into its deep unknown, never be seen again. You weep and sigh all alone in your empty home of an ocean, mourning your lost brethren. You then realize there is nothing you can do to get them back and crying about it will not solve any of your problems. All you can do now is travel, travel to the unknown place of the Earth, the surface. This is where you are greeted by a kind elderly human, he tells you there is a whole town of his race that is not to far from where you are now. Upon entering the town you are approached by a panicking old women, she explains that she has just witnessed a strange man announce his plan to destroy the earth! As she continues, you also discover that she wants YOU to help her. At first your are skeptical about this and do not wish to accept this quest until she informs you that she knows about the earthquake and what has happened to all of your jellyfish brethren but the only way you can get her to talk is if you help her first. Filled with rage, shock, and anger, you tell the old women you accept her quest and ask where to start. She points you in the direction of the science lab, leaving the rest for you to figure out on your own. Finally you have found this science lab, there you meet the Drill Master who informs you what is needed to complete the old women’s quest. You must collect every element known to man and even those unknown to all but a select few, only with all of these elementz can you create the power rod to start the Drill Master's Drill and travel to the earth’s core. Can you conquer all of the Earth's elementz?